Automated storage and retrieval


Portobello America’s Logistics and Distribution space has a footprint of 250,000-square-foot, the same as the historic Colosseum in Rome. This is where we store, separate, and dispatch customer orders on a daily basis. Capable of holding over 12 million square feet of inventory, this area ensures secure storage and straightforward access to our varied collections, facilitating the organized and prompt delivery of products.

As we transition into the subsequent phases of our site construction, our capacity is projected to significantly expand, aiming to eventually store 25 to 30 million square feet of tile. The forthcoming phase of the warehouse project intends to implement high-density technology, utilizing advanced racking systems and equipment. This adoption of automated solutions is aimed at further optimizing warehouse occupancy and enhancing productivity by ensuring that the storage and retrieval of products are both streamlined and accurate, aligning with our commitment to delivering timely and accurate orders.


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