Rectifying provides precise tile edges; polishing ensures a smooth finish.


Rectifying is a crucial step that ensures every tile is of the correct size with perfectly standardized edges. The process employs specialized equipment, comprising two machines each with 24 motors, to precisely cut or grind the tile edges. This precision not only ensures a consistent product but also facilitates the use of minimal grout lines in tile laying. To further enhance efficiency and reduce the wastage of machine tooling, high-tech cameras are utilized, ensuring each modification is accurate and economical.

Polishing grants tiles a smooth and shiny finish, a process with two machines, each boasting 20 heads, that methodically grind and buff the tile surface. Additionally, a super shine sealing machine, which incorporates 12 motors, assists in achieving the required level of sheen on each tile, ensuring a high-quality finish across all products. Cutting equipment also plays a vital role in this stage, especially when smaller tile sizes are needed from larger ones, ensuring each product meets the diverse needs and preferences of the production order while maintaining a uniformly polished appearance.



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