Quality control, state of the art automated packing and warehousing


After tiles are formed, dried, and fired, they undergo a thorough inspection in the sorting stage. At Portobello America, ensuring the quality of our products is paramount, meaning that the sorting stage is comprehensive and rigorous. All tiles are scanned and measured for adherence to our standards using advanced technology.

The sorting stage employs a product classification based on examination of shade, size, and surface defects. Notably, 95% of this classification process is automated through electronic equipment reducing human error and consistent product quality and stability.

Qualitron for defect analysis

Liner for dimensional analysis

Visual inspectors to ensure that any defects not identified by machinery are caught.

Packing plays a pivotal role in our production line. Individual barcodes are affixed to each piece for identification, and boxing, stacking, and palletizing are carried out after classification, with Automated Guided Vehicles efficiently transporting the finished goods to the warehouse.

During this stage, certified wood pallets and recycled materials are utilized for packing, aligning with our commitments to sustainability.



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