Powder (‘body slip’) is pressed to form the initial (‘green’) tiles, which are then dried to reduce moisture content.

In the pressing stage of tile production, specific tile sizes and surface textures are formed with a focus on uniformity and precision. A state of the art, dry color system is utilized to produce a uniform body color, ensuring a consistent hue throughout the entirety of the tile. The powder or ‘body slip’ is fed from the storage silos to the press via a conveyor system.

Our facility currently counts on three presses with a capacity of 6,500 tons each. For context, 6,500 tons is ¼ of the weight of the Statue of Liberty, and 90 tons more than the A380, the largest and heaviest passenger aircraft in the world.

Following pressing, the drying stage commences to effectively remove the residual moisture contained within the ceramic clay, ensuring the stability of the formed tile. Employing a seven-layer dryer, all but a minimal amount of moisture is eradicated. 

Despite their substantial size and capacity, these presses are designed to allow for straightforward alterations of prints and patterns. Tiles are produced in various formats, such as:


60cm X 120cm


60cm X 60cm


30 cm X 60cm


15cm X 90cm



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