A mixture of clays (ball clays & kaolin), fluxes (feldspars & nephelines) and recycled content (green & fired scrap)


In tile production, the strategic incorporation of a mixture of clays (including ball clays and kaolin), fluxes (such as feldspars and nephelines), and recycled content (both green and fired scrap) is paramount to ensuring both the quality and sustainability of the produced tiles.


Clays and kaolin provide the basic structure and shape stability of the tiles, offering key properties like plasticity, workability, and fired maturity. 


Fluxes like feldspars and nephelines play a vital role in controlling the melting point of the clay mix during the firing process, ensuring a smooth, glassy surface and enhancing both aesthetic and functional attributes like gloss, durability, and resistance to wear and chemicals.


Integrating recycled content is pivotal not only in reducing waste and promoting sustainability but also in preserving the efficiency of the production process by reutilizing material that has already been extracted and processed.


This tripartite amalgamation forms a holistic, balanced, and efficient approach to tile manufacturing, which converges quality, performance, and ecological stewardship.


All our raw materials are naturally occurring, underscoring our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability. Moreover, most of our products proudly incorporate over 60% recycled content, reflecting a tangible commitment to environmental responsibility and resource conservation. Ultimately, Portobello America selects only the finest materials, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.




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