Lab White Graffi Matte

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Inspired by the sleek lines and raw beauty of contemporary architecture, the LAB Collection embodies modernity, sophistication, and practicality. With its handcrafted concrete look and feel, our collection captures the essence of the cosmopolitan urbanite. LAB translates the dynamic energy of city life into a tangible, artistic medium. As you harness the understated elegance of a minimalist city apartment, or refine industrial-inspired workspaces, LAB is here to elevate every design venture. LAB seamlessly integrates into your visions, ensuring each space not only embodies but also subtly intertwines with the vibrant essence of urban living. LAB allows your spaces to echo with the vibrant and ever-evolving narratives of city life. Available in 4 distinct shades of gray, LAB’s concrete is tailor-made, every detail carefully designed to illustrate the fast-paced movement of the city with nuanced precision in each piece. You can feel urban stories unfold at the touch of your hand. Experience the future of contemporary design with the LAB Collection where environments forge an intimate connection between space, material, and the bustling tapestry of urban living. Create environments that intimately connect with the spirited metropolis with LAB.  

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