Impasto Cobalt

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Embark on artistic innovation with our Impasto Collection, inspired by fluid brush strokes. Influenced by iconic artists such as Pollock and Kusama, it mirrors the motion and depth found in their works. The Impasto Collection is an invitation to curate an aspirational lifestyle. Imagine your space as a canvas, ready for your distinctive personality. Impasto pieces breathe life into three-dimensional drops, and the collection offers a wide palette with 16 colors separated into shades of sky and hues of sunset. These can be combined in multiple forms, inviting you to be the artist. Your home becomes a masterpiece, seamlessly blending the richness of abstract art into contemporary living. Transform your space with the Impasto Collection—where imagination knows no bounds. Unleash your inner artist, celebrate the unique, and let your home tell your story. Your masterpiece awaits with the strokes of creativity.

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